How can we register?

We use software that will guide you step by step. When you have registered we will send you an e-mail with information. Do not make any payments before you have received this e-mail

Who can participate in Cancun Carribean Cup?

Anyone who loves the game of soccer as, long as the age limit in each category is respected

How many coaches can stay with the team?


How can we pay?

Through money transfers, you can find all necessary information under “Payment”



How are the games organized?

One month before the tournament starts we will send you your schedule.

When is the last day we can arrive in Cancun?

Sunday the 22th of July when the team registration begins.

Where can accompanying persons stay?

There are plenty of hotels in the area and we have a travel agency that will help you find the best offers.

Do we need insurance?

Yes all players and coaches must have insurance. Cancun Caribbean Cup is not responsible for any injuries or accidents on or outside the fields