Game rules.

Matches in the following categories will be played in 11 a side fields and the length of the games will be 70 minutes (2×30) with a 10 minute break at half time:

  • Open Category Males
  • 2000/2001
  • 2002/2003
  • 2004/2005
  • Open Category females
  • Females born 2002 and later

Matches in younger categories 2006/2007 and 2008/2009, will be played with 11 players in a field with the following dimensions:  50 meters wide and 70m long (Approximately 165 feet wide and 230 long). The length of the games will be 50 minutes (2×25) with a 10 minute break at half time  In the category 2004/2005 the match length is 2×30 min with a 10 minute break at half time

– The teams need to be ready to play 10 minutes before the game starts.

– The teams can use a maximum of 18 players in one game in the older categories and 14 in the younger ones.

– It is required to have at least 8 players on the field at the game start in the older categories and 5 in the younger categories, if this is not the case the team that fails to do so will lose on W.O. unless the opposite team accepts to play the game that way.

– The number of substitutions is unlimited in all categories; however the maximum number of substitutes is 7 in the men’s categories and 5 in the women’s category.

– Each win will be awarded with 3 points, 1 point per draw and 0 points per game lost. The rules to qualify for the final round is as followed; points, goal difference , result between the teams that have the same amount of points and last penalty shootout between the teams.

– The games that end in a draw in the playoff stage will go directly to a penalty shootout.

– In any sports matter not mentioned above, CCC abides totally to the rules established by FIFA and FMF (Mexican Football Association) as these are the guiding principles of our sport and are institutions with great values and ethics.

 Cancelation & Force Majeure

– When events that are beyond the control of the tournament organizer (force majeure) that make it impossible to hold the tournament or postpone it , the organizers cannot be accountable for any costs , damages or losses the participants have had for transportation, accommodation, cost for additional orders, financial losses etc.

– The organizers also reserve the right to retain payments for registration and accommodation. These can be used in future tournaments or can be reimbursed after costs that the organizers cannot get back from third parties, are deducted.

– The organizers are not responsible for economic losses that the participants might have in the case of war, civil war, revolution, civil disturbances or warlike events. They are not responsible in case of strikes, lockouts, blockades or other actions of authorities.


Behavior and ethics.

CANCUN CARIBBEAN CUP promotes sports, tourism but above respect among people through football.

The following behaviors will be considered as reason of expulsion from the tournament and the referee has been given the proper authorization before the tournament to determine this in his report:

– Physical violence in any way. (Among members of the same team, against another team, against the referee, against fans, tournament staff or collaborating institutions.)

– Racism of any kind.

• Uniform Regulation.

– Each team must submit identical and numbered uniforms. If the home team does not live up to this and the opposing team does, it will be up to the latter if the match can be played or not.

– If the referee decides that one team should change shirts due to similarity to the opposing team’s shirts, the away team must change.

– If both teams fail to comply with the above, it will be up to the referee and a representative of CANCUN CARIBBEAN CUP if the match shall be played or not.

– The numbers on the players uniforms are the only way to account for, goals and assists so each team must be responsible for this to be able to participate in the award for best scorer etc.

• Categories Regulation

– Each player must be present at the age control We accept the following identifications: passport, IFE (Mexican id card) or birth certificate.

• Insurance.

– Each and every one of the participants must be insured during the tournament both on and off the playing field. CANCUN CARIBBEAN CUP does not carry any group insurance protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage to property.

• Photos

– By entering the venues of Cancún Caribbean Cup, the participants will automatically authorize the staff of the tournament to take photographs/videos of them and the resulting photographs/videos can be used by the tournament in promotional and commercial purposes and/or used in other media.